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December 22, 2004:
7th Calvary Completes Tactical Medic Training.
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One month after completing the Tactical Medic training program for the US Army Rangers, Rescue Training Inc has been selected to provide the course for 25 medics of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division's 7th Calvary Regiment stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA. They have been deployed to Iraq and will be leaving in January.

This high speed medical training course was held in Savannah during the week before Christmas. Several physicians, SWAT officers and Tactical Medic instructors provided the program at the Rescue Training Center, Savannah Fire Training Academy and the Ranger Training Facility at Hunter A.A.F.


V.A. Recognition
Approved for the use of educational benefits .


DHS Recognition
Selected to provide course to US Border Patrol Tactical Unit (Bortac) READ STORY...

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